Fulfill Your Business Needs For A Legal Compliance Officer, Affiliate Manager, And Executive Assistant All In One With GDL Enterprises's Founder, Gabby Darroch!
Now you don't have to find multiple people to hire for these roles when you can just utilize our skills and extensive expertise. Click below to give us a call now!
The Roles And Responsibilities That You Can Get Access To...
Legal Compliance Officer:
  • Implement and enforce the process for incoming legal questions.
  • ​Conduct a comprehensive review of all existing marketing / copy / images / testimonials / website / app / emails / etc. and request updates as necessary to whom is responsible.
  • ​Research and generate list of legal counsel and specialties that can be used as reference moving forward.
  • ​Manage affiliate compliance.
  • ​Consistent and constant education on legal parameters - eventually minimizing legal counsel involvement.
  • ​Keep an eye on the legal budget - stay within limits for legal counsel unless the alternative means putting a business at risk.
Affiliate Program Manager:
  • Manage affiliate team.
  • ​Create the affiliate experience.
  • ​Research and implement proper affiliate marketing software(s).
  • ​Create and consistently update email campaign for current affiliates and people interested in the affiliate program.
  • ​Oversee potential new affiliate outreach.
Executive Assistant:
  • All teams weekly meeting organizer.
  • ​Create and maintain parking lot list for topics of discussion for these all teams meetings.
  • ​Set expectations and remind attendees what to prepare in email 1 day before meeting.
  • ​Maintain flow and timeliness of meeting so everyone stays on task.
  • ​Manage executive's appointments, meetings, events, PR, travel, etc.
Meet Our Founder
Gabby Darroch
Growing up, Gabby had a love and a passion for creative writing, art, and graphic design. She sold her first art piece in 6th grade to a local photographer who took notice of her talent. In college, she took on the role of journalist and school newspaper editor, and interned as a speechwriter for a local county legislator.

Since 2017, Gabby has been able to use her natural born talent for creativity and wordsmithing to produce articles, marketing pieces, and books for Chris Naugle, appearing in places such as Forbes Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and many other publications.

In addition to her creative capacity, she has also taken on the role of Money Mentor after utilizing The Money Multiplier Method herself to start her own banking policy. Gabby has a profound love for helping people solve their own money problems, empowering them to get educated with the truth and take back control.
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